Jobs That Law Enforcement Offers

Jobs That Law Enforcement Offers

A career in law enforcement could be a life-long aspiration. It is a noble commitment to serving the public and ensuring that all laws are followed. It is an oath to protect the innocent and to uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the nation. It is a responsible responsibility to police officers and other law-abiding citizens. It is a rewarding career, which has a bright future.

An option for those looking for a law enforcement career is to earn a four year degree program at an accredited university or college. The first two years will include general education courses. The second year will focus on specialized courses that will prepare students for the rigors of their chosen profession. Students of the Bachelor’s degree program in police administration can choose to work towards becoming a police officer, a detective, an EMT, a paralegal, or an assistant state police officer. There is also the option to earn a Master’s degree in criminal justice, which can be done at a community college or technical/trade school. The Bachelor’s degree program will be more intensive and will give students the knowledge they need to conduct independent research as well as internships while enrolled in a program.

In law enforcement agencies there are specific duties that are often considered core duties. These are the primary duties that every officer is required to perform. Some examples of core duties would be investigating crimes, interviewing suspects, making arrests, transporting suspects to judicial proceedings, and carrying out other duties as assigned by the department. The number of core duties varies from agency to agency. The number of employees who have these specific duties determines the size of the police force.

There are other types of law enforcement jobs available for those interested in pursuing a career as a police officer. These jobs are very different than those of police sergeants or inspectors. Inspectors and sergeants are typically commissioned as part of the larger law enforcement agency. Inspectors are responsible for performing routine internal functions such as overseeing the hiring of personnel, interviewing individuals for potential hire, conducting background checks, and ensuring that all pre-employment and disciplinary records are up to date and accurate. They are not allowed to conduct investigations or make arrests.

Police detectives have the opportunity to pursue a more aggressive role within the agency. In contrast to police inspectors and sergeants, detectives are permitted to make arrests under a variety of circumstances including felonies, misdemeanors, and even our charges. As a law enforcement agent, detectives have the opportunity to obtain awards for excellence in their field.

Even though police detectives may have similar characteristics with other law enforcement agents, their job outlook and level of salary vary greatly. The majority of police work is seen as part-time or contractual. As a result, most police officers receive their full salary. The exception is for police who patrol high crime rate areas where their salary may be conditioned to increase based on the success of their operations. In these cases, detectives are often required to accept lower salaries or to work longer hours.

A common distinction between police jobs and other law enforcement positions is the overtime pay. Detectives and sergeants are usually on salary, which will vary depending on the performance of their team. Most police work is considered a part-time occupation, which means overtime pay is usually applied only to employees who perform more than 40% of their job duties. Because of this uneven pay structure, detectives and sergeants typically find themselves with significant gaps in their pay packets at the end of the year.

Border Patrol is one of the few law enforcement agencies that currently has a majority of its officers working full-time on patrol. Although the vast majority of Border Patrol agents are stationed on the Mexican border, some choose to patrol the nation’s oceans and inland waters. This is largely due to the extreme nature of their work; however, this job does offer better benefits and flexible work hours. As long as they are physically fit and possess a stable mental state, Border Patrol agents can pursue any number of criminal investigations.

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